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I would suggest this book to all those starting out with Python and those who want to brush up their basic Python skills. I should also note here that although I have been programming in Python for quite some time but still I found a couple of useful tips and tricks in this book.Bite Sized Python Tips blog

I’ve been looking all over the web for a Python resource that explains how to get up and running for the absolute beginner. Important stuff like HOW TO SETUP YOUR ENVIRONMENT are so often glossed over, making it impossible for a newbie to get started. Michael Driscoll finally filled that gap… and with such a great book!Daniel W. on Amazon

My favorite section is the one on packaging and preparing an installer for your code, that kind of information that is tough to find on the internet is located in one nice chapter that is clear and concise, in fact it was one of the main reasons for getting the book in the first place. I knew what Michael came up with would be an approach I could trust.
Matt on Amazon